change your world - dance!
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Planetary Dance

as Demonstration for Peace and Healing
25th September Saturday 2:30~5 pm
Sternwaldwiese, Waldseestr., Freiburg

The Planetary Dance - or Earth Run - was developed as a peace ritual by Anna Halprin and has been performed worldwide for over 40 years ( Anna Halprin herself says that this ritual is her most significant life's work.

Running for CHANGE.
The theme of this Planetary Dance is to run for the CHANGE, for peace and healing of this beautiful planet.
It is a ritual run with the following activities: Walking, running at different tempos, standing in silence with the drummers. On 3 circular paths you circle the drummers, who stand in the center and accompany the run with their rhythm. The tempo can be chosen freely by everyone.
In a first run we run for a person who is close to your heart, in a second run for a concern in society.

All generations are invited. Everybody can use the own physical strength as it is coherent. We recommend comfortable shoes or walking barefoot. :-)
food & drinks
Registration is not necessary.
Info tel. +49 761-7074501 and here