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"It's allowed to be simple, too."
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With joy we give ourselves the festival. From the heart, everyone contributes something. Information on how you can contribute to the festival 'change your world - dance!' can be found here.

September 23rd Thursday 1:30-3:00 pm
The Power of Change

To go with the change, to be the change itself  
On my own, on your own
within yourself
let it in, be who you are

the change within you  
what you wanna be, what you really are

be yourself the change
within you.

with Ursula Anna Schaller
  connects as a physiotherapist and arttherapist art and life in the daily life and her job. She supports and accompany people on their way to her one life-force. Connected with the light and her sensitivity she realizes her dream Ur-Sy.   

Offers and courses in and around Fribourg (CH) on


September 23rd Thursday 5:00-6:30 pm
Untamed - my new world

Imagine you are in your very own personal new world.... What does it look like? How did you come to it? How do you want to shape it? What do you want to move in it?

with Mirjana Janjić Power
is a "Tamalpa Teacher Training Graduate". She sees herself more and more as a life artist and always enters the stage of life with curiosity. She has years of experience as a quantum coach, human energeticist and mentor for embodied, creative and coherent leadership and also works with deep meditation, business and family systems.

September 23rd Thursday 7:00 pm
Film Evening "blue earth" and
"Self-Portrait Performances Level 1"

This film evening will give an impression of different aspects of the Tamalpa Germany Basic Training Level 1. The films are in German with English subtitles.

Here is the link to "blue earth"
Here is the link to "Self-Portrait Performances Level 1"

The short film “blue earth” is a nature dance film. It is a tribute to the earth. In the film the dancers connect with the 4 elements of nature. Body painting and movements of the dancers let them become one with nature. Fire, water, air and earth become inspiring dancing moments in the film. The nature itself - a work of art. With this film we honor Anna Halprin's healing work with and in nature.

Following this film we shall show the documentary "Self-Portrait Performances Level 1" Tamalpa Germany. Impressive images give an impression of the ritual self-portrait performances that are the conclusion of Level 1.

blue earth
Runtime: 30 minutes
Idea/Script: Petra Eischeid & Frank Hediger.

Direction: Petra Eischeid
Camera: Janna Kosack, Martina Pan 
Cut and Editing: Janna Kosack
Produktionskooperative LfT:
LifeArt-Petra Eischeid, frank-soma, Tamalpa Germany GbR

Self-Portrait Performances Level 1
Runtime: 30 minutes
Direction: Martina Pan & Petra Eischeid
Camera: Martina Pan
Cut and Editing: Martina Pan
Produktion: Tamalpa Germany GbR

September 24th Friday 10:00-11:30 am

To be completely here, then so much is clear and possible. We use the tools of Tamalpa Life/Art Process® to arrive completely in the moment and with ourselves. From this state, impulses from one's own center can arise for the further dance of life.

with Angelika Holzer
Tamalpa Life/Art Process Graduate, music and dance teacher (studies at the Orff Institute, Mozarteum), DanceAbility Teacher. Moving accompaniment in individual settings and in groups, inclusion with music and dance, dancing in nature, teaching at various (art) colleges in education, further education and training of teachers, projects with music and dance.

At the same time, the festival-performance-crew will gather in Freiburg at the Waldsee - also here the motto is: Arriving.

September 24th Friday 1:30-3:00 pm
Know your Cycle & Women Magic - Embodying Femininity

This Workshop is held in German.
After relaxing into our feminine center, we will explore the question: What is ripening in me? What wants to be harvested? Through movement, painting and verbal exchange we will explore and embody the female cycle force and the archetype of the autumn witch. With gentle guidance and online encounters with other women, you might discover and embody a new aspect of your femininity. No previous experience necessary.   Comfortable clothing, good internet connection, painting supplies and an undisturbed space are helpful. Every Female Body Welcome!

with Katrin Kohlbecher
Graduate in Education, Tamalpa Graduate (L2) and Qualified Movement Medicine Teacher. Through movement and creative expression, she accompanies people to discover their core being and to live their creative power. With sensitivity and integrity and her contagious joy she strengthens the confidence in life of her coachees and (women) group participants. Katrin lives on a permaculture farm at Lake Constance. 

Individual sessions EMBODIED COACHING, live or via Zoom:
tel.: +49 163 3152714 or

* eyes closed and dancing *

September 25th Saturday 12:00-1:45 pm
Living Sensefully
An enjoyable guide to change

The world is changing and so are we. Making more conscious decisions is one of the solutions to many problems, for us and our earth.

Our senses are the access for balanced head-heart-belly decisions. In this course we want to practice listening, looking inside and "feeling" together and explore this through the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®.

And this can also be quite enjoyable...

with Melanie Nowak
She is a "Tamalpa Graduate", physiotherapist, dance and movement therapist and works with the TLAP since 2013 in her own practice north of Hamburg as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy.
Her concern is to accompany people heartward for a good contact with themselves, others and nature.

September 26th Sunday 1:30-3:30 pm
Spread your wings

What has inspired you over the past days? Which impulses want to be preserved, nourished and cultivated? What wants to spread out into the world?

Crystallizing the essence of the first ‚change your world - dance! festival, individually and collectively, to give it artistic expression and embody it.

Spreading our wings, entrusting ourselves to the winds and the power of common dance and sending them bundled with a "pah" out into the world.

Workshop will be held in German with professional translation into English.

with Ulrike Panhans & Katrin Kohlbecher

Ulrike creates a cheerful, warm-hearted and inspiring atmosphere. She supports people to (re)animate their own potentials. Dance and artistic expression in many facets accompany her life and work. The work with Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin, since 1993, was groundbreaking and formative for her.

Body and Movement Therapist I Naturopath for Psychotherapy I Qualified Teacher of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process I Board Member of Tamalpa Deutschland e.V. I Lecturer in adult education in the area of health, movement & creativity


With joy we give us this festival. From the heart, everyone contributes something. Here you can find more information to contribute to the festival.