change your world - dance!
we go offline here on 11/11

! ! ! For the time of the festival we "pitched our tents" together in Freiburg near the Waldsee. Some of us were booked in the following places, with bus or tent or in the rooms: Busses Camping at Möslepark, Hirzberg Camping.

! ! ! Each of us was asked to take care of the own well-being, regarding food and sleep and joy - knowing that the others are close by. <3

19-23th September
in Freiburg (Breisgau)

Some days before the festival we met in private in Freiburg (Breisgau). With the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® we dedicated the time to prepare the festival-weekend.

Pre-Camp Score was
"change your world - dance!"
set up homebase for the festival; exploring and writing scores for the festival

dreaming, let it work, holding
timelessness, the toads from the Waldsee, loving participation
people who take the time to create the festival with the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®.

Friday, 24th September

at Waldsee
, Waldseestraße 84 in Freiburg

10 am-4 pm homebase set up for the performance-walk: performers arrived at the site and got in touch, creating the common performance score.

Just come by, it costs nothing

4-7 pm performance-walk around the Waldsee, where people walked and experienced. Here you can see who was with us.
Within the market of possibilities there was time to inform ourself about the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® and different projects.

7-8 pm open interspace time for what is here now.

from 8 pm Party for friends and members of the association Tamalpa Deutschland e.V., in the Waldsee Restaurant, with registration here:

9 pm messages of greetings Daria Halprin & Petra Eischeid, Ulrike Panhans & Co.

and dancing, dancing, dancing with intuitive DJane Luisa.

We are happy about contributions.

Saturday, 25th September

Sternwaldwiese, Waldseestraße in Freiburg

2:30 pm Planetary Dance as a Rally for Peace and Healing, direction: Katrin Stelter and team, music: Wilfried Vogel with band Bawawa, until about 16:30, (..<3..) welcome. Details can be found here.

mornings & evenings we were inspired by life and by each other.

Sunday, 26th September

where ever you are

SLOW WALK - we walk together your way

Intentions Sensing yourself on your way. Finding ressources for your way.

Activities walking, standing, enjoying.

Time whenever you like for 30 minutes

Place where you are at right now

Persons you and everyone you like to invite

Ressources slowness, silence, hugs

after that:

make a drawing / write a text / record voice memo, beginning with the words: "On my way... "
for 15 minutes

resonating in breathing
for 10 minutes

What do you like to do now?
Do it!

? ? ?

One intention still is: Connecting for supporting one another Can you think of something? Feel free to contact us!